‘We deserve to be celebrated. As people. As role models. As warriors.’

Role models for a new generation.

Our Warriors represent the bravery, strength and resilience it takes to succeed against all odds. We want to celebrate their greatness, to show our young Mob that anything is possible.

Warrior #001


"We come from greatness, we come from the first of many, the first people on this earth."

Warrior #002

Kobie Dee

"I just felt like it's important that other people get to be inspired as well. To have those conversations that I knew that I would have wanted to hear when I was young."

Warrior #003


"I went home, told my mum, and she said: ‘You’re a warrior!’ That’s when the fire lit inside me. And I decided I’m going to make being Indigenous fierce."

Warrior #004

Charlee Fraser

"I recognise that those who come before me, they paved the way for me to be here. And I hope that with everything I'm doing, I can pave the way for others so that they can come through. That’s the goal."

Warrior #005

Felicia Foxx

“There’s no rights. There’s no wrongs. And don’t feel like you have to suppress any masculinity or femininity that you have inside of you because we all have it in some ways and some of us just exude it more than others, just remember you’re lovely. And you’re deadly. Tell yourself every day.”

Warrior #006

Luke Currie-Richardson

"Warrior doesn't have any one kind of definition. My mother is as much of a warrior as my father. The softness in a warrior is equal to the strength of a warrior."